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A groundbreaking program that shows healthcare professionals a completely new way to communicate, dramatically enhance patient satisfaction, and improve outcomes.

Corp. Lectures & Presentations

Dr. Orsini can support your staff by delivering engaging lectures on a variety of topics. As an expert in the field of compassionate communication, current and timely challenges within your organization can be discussed and inspired with real life, practical solutions. Whether you are a small intimate group or looking for a keynote speaker for your next large conference, Dr. Orsini is available to inspire your audience.
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Improvisational Role Play

Physicians and Team leaders participate in video taped improvisational role-playing with professional actors. Immediately following the role-playing session, participants are given the opportunity to review the videotaped session with TOW certified instructors. It is during this review that the self-review and self-reflection occurs.
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Interactive Workshops

Half and full day interactive workshops are offered. Emphasis is placed on learning how to communicate and form trusting relationships using The Orsini Way®. Following a comprehensive presentation, attendees apply what they have learned by reviewing video of simulated patient interactions. All workshops are delivered by a practicing physician which gives added credibility to the program.
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Digital Learning Experience

This innovative application makes The Orsini Way available to even your most remote employee. Interactive and engaging, content is sent right to the users tablet, computer or smartphone. Learning is no longer burdensome and learners can engage at their own pace through this personalized digital learning experience.
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Communicating The Orsini Way Builds Relationships and Enhances the Overall Patient Experience

Effective and compassionate communication changes the healthcare culture. Developed by a practicing physician, The Orsini Way is based on decades of research, real-life experience and hundreds of patient interviews. Our multi-faceted and interactive approach help your staff learn how to build instant rapport and form trusting relationships with patients in no time. We don’t use boring learning modules or provide scripts to memorize. The Orsini Way will completely change the way your staff communicates – benefiting your healthcare professional and, most importantly, the patients you serve.

It’s Innovative, It’s based on real-life experience, and it works.


It's all in the Delivery

“It’s All in the Delivery” is a program that uses practical and proven communication techniques to enhance overall patient experience by teaching healthcare professionals how to quickly build trusting relationships with patients and families.

Difficult Dialogues

Perfect for physicians, risk managers, HR executives and business leaders, Difficult Dialogues teaches the communication skills necessary to positively influence challenging situations encountered daily. When used with our medical error module, this program meets the ACGME requirements for patient safety curriculum.

Breaking Bad News

Our unique Breaking Bad News program trains healthcare professionals how to deliver sad or tragic news to patients and families in the most effective and compassionate manner. This essential skill is seldom taught during medical school or residency training.

Professional Coaching

Even the smartest and most talented leaders sometimes have difficulty communicating effectively. Whether you are a business executive struggling to build loyalty or a physician who wants to improve patient satisfaction our personal coaching allows you to learn simple and effective techniques in a private setting.


Communicating The Orsini Way Builds Relationships and Enhances the Overall Patient Experience

One of the greatest and most common criticisms of modern medicine is that physicians and health care providers communicate poorly with their patients. To my mind, no one has ever addressed these medical shortcomings as directly and as clearly as Anthony Orsini, D.O. In both the seminars that he has given across the country and now in his book, “It’s All in the Delivery,” Dr. Orsini teaches all health care providers how to become increasingly more effective, more efficient, and more thoughtful in their dealings with patients. I am incredibly impressed with what he has done in this respect and feel strongly that his book should be mandatory reading for all medical students, nurses, and other providers during their training. More experienced clinicians will greatly benefit from Dr. Orsini’s teaching as well. This book represents truly exceptional, groundbreaking work that will serve anyone well throughout a career in medicine.”

Alan R. Spitzer, MD
Formerly, Director of Research, Education, and Quality MEDNAX, Inc./ Pediatrix Medical Group Sunrise, Florida Former Chief of Neonatology and Chairman Department of Pediatrics Thomas Jefferson University

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Leadership Team

Dr. Anthony Orsini

Managing Director

Dr. Orsini is the author of the book “It’s All in the Delivery – Improving Healthcare Starting With a Single Conversation” and his weekly podcast “Difficult Conversations – Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician” is available on Apple and other formats.

Elizabeth Poret-Christ

Director of Operations
Elizabeth Poret-Christ serves as Director of Programming and Operations for The Orsini Way. Elizabeth joined The Orsini Way as a Family Advisor, expanding her responsibilities as the program grew.

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Questions about how to maximize performance for your team or individual team member? Contact us now for a complimentary consultation about which program will meet your organization’s needs.

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